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  1. Which closet would you choose?

    Other Rooms 019.webClosets are becoming the newest status symbol. Want to see your best friend drool with envy? Show her your new walk in closet with shoes Other Rooms 018 .webin coloured rows of seasonal preference all at your easy reach. Show that brother in law that dressing room you’ve always wanted with suits hanging like a mens’ store showroom, with shirts, ties, socks and accessories on display at a turn of the head
    You deserve this, so which of these closets do you dream?

    Visit our showroom right here in Burlington at 4104 Fairview Street, unit 12 behind Designers’ Consortium and talk to the designs and installation professionals of Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions.

  2. Which garage does your baby deserve?

    Pewter Cabinets with Workbench-Car-Straight Shot 2012Look at that beauty, shiny, clean an example of automotive elegance from an era gone by. She’s your pride and joy.

    Doesn’t she deserve a garage like one of these?

    FContur_TGrom epoxy floors to glistening cabinets hanging off the wall high enough to allow for easy floor washing. Countertops that can stand up to falling tools and unadulterated abuse. Look at the wall systems that allow for easy attachment of accessories to store tires, tools, camp and sporting gear and when the season changes, you can easily rearrange all of this to suit your ever changing storage needs.

    Red Cabinets w Stainless Workbench-Blue Ice Floor-Grey Slatwall-Angle- Aug 2013You can add a flat screen, a beverage fridge, heck even an electric fireplace and baby this is home… you and your car, motorcycle and family deserve this kind garage storing luxury.

    Visit our showroom and our design and installation professionals right here in Burlington at 4104 Fairview Street, Unit 11 in behind Designers’ Consortium.

  3. Is this your closet?

    Maybe you’ve seen the commercial? This young couple has a group of friends over to show off their new house.

    Bursting with pride, the young woman walks her girlfriends up the stairs to her new walk-in closet, throws back the doors and enters a dramatically lit surrounding that displays her immensely impressive collection of shoes. Every colour, every style, every occasion… OMG… the ladies jump up and down and squeal with delight.

    Cut away to her equally proud life partner as he takes his male friends up to show off his new walk-in closet. He throws back the doors and they stroll into a dramatically lit and well chilled display of row after row of his… wait for it… his favourite beer… the gentlemen jump up and down and squeal with delight.

    OK, it’s a beer commercial, but just imagine what the closet of your dreams can be… and Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions will make it come true. Reach-in, walk-in or dressing rooms, we offer it all.

    Visit our showroom at Unit 11, 4104 Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and start that closet redesign and renovation today.

  4. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day… every day

    Something that has become very evident is that the garage is not just the domain of the man. Woman, more than ever, are looking to have their own way in the garage, if for no other reason than to make sure any garage renovation lives up their expectations.

    Let Burlington Closet & Garage turn that chamber of chaos into a haven of organization. Easily mount cabinets on slat wall panels that will allow you to rearrange in an instant. Durable counter tops, tool holders, special storage units for sports gear, bikes, tires and more all hovering over an epoxy floor that meets your every demand.

    Your car deserves this garage. You deserve this garage.

    Visit our showroom at Unit 11, 4104 Fairview Street, Burlington.

  5. Man cave or woman’s den

    Gone are the days when the “man cave” just had to be down in the basement.

    As a matter of fact, times have changed and now it’s either the man cave or the woman’s den. Either way it’s a special place to retreat and it’s not down in the basement, it’s the garage.

    Imagine blending all your hobby collections, your flat screen TV, your personal refreshment bar and maybe even an electric fire place all in the comfort of your garage.

    But wait, this isn’t any garage.

    Using our slat wall system to hang cabinets, brackets for your sports gear, tires, bikes and more all off the ground… now you’re talking organization, cleanliness and comfort all in one spot… yes, even your garage. And that ground I mentioned, which was a cracked and grubby concrete pad, is now a durable, attractive and a non slip epoxy floor.

    Imagine it, dream it, plan it and now visit the professionals at the showroom of Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and make it happen.

  6. Closet rules when tidy up isn’t enough

    Whether your closets are in Oakville, Dundas, Waterdown, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton or some place in between, the showroom at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions is the perfect place to see what your closets can be.

    Of course we all start with what we can do ourselves to eliminate the burden of over-crowded closets. Give it away, donate it, chuck it out or just put some place and look at it later… we’re human.

    Here are a couple of rules:

    • Doesn’t fit? Say goodbye

    • Little worn? A little “see ya”

    • Broken button? This way out

    • Reminds you of 10 years ago? I’ll miss ya

    Tidy up ruthlessly and now think how you’d love your closets to be. Think outside the box, outside the closet.

    Closet redesign and closet renovations are like blank canvasses… use your imagination and then talk to our professionals for the closet design that best fits your needs and budget.

    Foyer, kitchen, mud room, reach in, walk in or join the newest trend in bedroom renovation by having his and her dressing rooms.

    You deserve it.

    Visit the showroom at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and talk with our design and install professionals today.

  7. Your Garage Reborn

    Enough is enough. You’ve had it up to here and now’s the time… the garage is your target.

    First off, clear it out… clean it out… sell it… give it away… get it gone.

    OK, now sit down in the middle of it and stare. What do you want it to be? Now dream. Imagine in your wildest dreams, what it could be.

    Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions can make it happen.

    Whether you store your 1967 classic whatever in here, or whether you want to organize the chaos of your kids’ toys and all your garden stuff and still park a car, we can make it happen.

    Things to consider:

    * Cabinets should be mounted off the floor to avoid water damage, plus you can easily hose down the floor. Our slat wall panels make this a breeze.

    * Cabinet doors should have interior hinges that open 110 degrees for easy access. Even better, sliding doors make access easier especially if your car is in the garage.

    * Whether they’re shallow drawers for smaller tools or deeper drawers for bulkier items, invest in full extension sliders so you can reach the back of the drawer easier.

    * Use durable wire grid panels to hang accessories and accommodate sports gear, tires and tools. Wooden peg boards will chip and warp over time.

    * Plastic bins keep things nicely grouped together, so make sure your cabinets can hold the size you prefer.

    * Durable epoxy floors to withstand spills, abuse and easily cleaned.

    * Add TVs, lighting and refreshment fridge and life is good.

    Dream your new garage and Burlington Closet & Garage can renovate and give your garage a brand new life.

    Visit our showroom and start today.

  8. Closet Cry for Help

    How does it start?

    Oh yes…”I can’t find anything to wear!!!!!


    Two things are wrong. Number one is, you have too much to wear and secondly, your closet is from the 60s… way too small and that’s just unacceptable.

    Whether you’re maximizing every inch in a condo or smaller house, Burlington Closet & Garage has the solution for you. Let us custom design an affordable closet solution for you. There are solutions for every budget, whether it’s reach-in, walk-in or larger, our design and install specialists have the answer.

    Organize those suits, skirts, shirts and blouses by season, colour or fave. Display those shoes from casual, to work, to party time and your whole life gets a little bit easier.

    Got a bigger closet headache? His and her dressing rooms are the most popular trend for every generation. His shirts, ties, suits, jackets and pants all sorted at his finger tips and shoes and watches nearby. Her jewelry, suits, casuals and shoes all sorted to be at her whim.

    The finest closet designs with only the finest materials all from Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions.

    Visit our showroom today.

  9. Your NEW garage is a Spring thing

    Maple Cabinets-Ebony Star Workbench-Overhead Storage-motorcycle-angle 2012Durable, colourful cabinets and countertops, tool holders of every shape and size, tire, bike and sports racks mounted on adjustable slat wall design, a system that allows you to reconfigure your garage organization in a heart beat. Just add a long lasting epoxy floor, you choose the colour, and bring on the summer.

    Now is the time for your garage renovation, your garage revitalization.

    Empty out that collection of tools, toys and auto junk and let the professionals at Burlington Closet & Garage give you a man cave that every woman would love.

    Organized, simplified and totally affordable. Visit Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions showroom today


    When its time to remodel your closets, or you’re looking for a custom solution, come to the professionals and the showroom at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and see it all.

    Reach In Closet, White

    Reach In Closet, White

    Over the years, closet sales people have been able to get away with selling from the trunk of their cars, but consumers don’t have to settle for that door-to-door level of quality anymore.

    Closet renovation, redesign and custom cabinetry is now available for you to see and touch at our Burlington showroom. Dressing rooms, walk-in, reach-in closets and elegant/functional cabinets for your home office… these are some of the biggest trends in home renovation today.

    Quality design and materials make a lasting difference, so no matter what your closet renovation and redesign challenge might be, Burlington Closet & Garage has the right solution for every budget.

    Visit our showroom today.

FREE $250!

Two ways to make your new closet or garage more affordable. The first 10 people to visit our showroom will receive a $250 gift card* to be used towards the purchase of $2,000 or more. Or ask about our financing options.

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Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your home storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you.

As homeowners ourselves, we at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions understand the importance of utilizing every inch of your home's square footage. That is why we can help you increase your storage space by more than 20%. We can help you design the best storage solutions for your home and garage.

Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation, Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you. Whether your project involves an entire garage overhaul or a closet, home office, pantry or laundry room we have your home storage solutions.

We offer a complete garage and closet showroom for you to visit, at 4104 Fairview St., Unit 12, in Burlington. Free in-home consultations are offered. We design storage possibilities using our 3-D design software. This allows you to see what your completed storage solution will look like, before placing your order.

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Which garage does your baby deserve?

Whether your closets are in Oakville, Dundas, Waterdown, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton or some place in between, the showroom at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions is the perfect place to see what your closets can be...

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