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  1. Which closet would you choose?

    Other Rooms 019.webClosets are becoming the newest status symbol. Want to see your best friend drool with envy? Show her your new walk in closet with shoes Other Rooms 018 .webin coloured rows of seasonal preference all at your easy reach. Show that brother in law that dressing room you’ve always wanted with suits hanging like a mens’ store showroom, with shirts, ties, socks and accessories on display at a turn of the head
    You deserve this, so which of these closets do you dream?

    Visit our showroom right here in Burlington at 4104 Fairview Street, unit 12 behind Designers’ Consortium and talk to the designs and installation professionals of Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions.

  2. Closet Cry for Help

    How does it start?

    Oh yes…”I can’t find anything to wear!!!!!


    Two things are wrong. Number one is, you have too much to wear and secondly, your closet is from the 60s… way too small and that’s just unacceptable.

    Whether you’re maximizing every inch in a condo or smaller house, Burlington Closet & Garage has the solution for you. Let us custom design an affordable closet solution for you. There are solutions for every budget, whether it’s reach-in, walk-in or larger, our design and install specialists have the answer.

    Organize those suits, skirts, shirts and blouses by season, colour or fave. Display those shoes from casual, to work, to party time and your whole life gets a little bit easier.

    Got a bigger closet headache? His and her dressing rooms are the most popular trend for every generation. His shirts, ties, suits, jackets and pants all sorted at his finger tips and shoes and watches nearby. Her jewelry, suits, casuals and shoes all sorted to be at her whim.

    The finest closet designs with only the finest materials all from Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions.

    Visit our showroom today.

  3. Reno or Demo?

    Walk In Closet w/ Island

    Walk In Closet w/ Island

    All winter, the conversation around the house has been, we have to do something about these closets. There are too few, too small and whatever closet space you have, they’re chalk full.

    Many of the older homes have very tight closets while many of the newer homes have larger, but not large enough for the lifestyle of today’s generation.

    No matter what your existing closet restrictions are, the design professionals can come up with a solution to meet your needs. For the smaller closets, we can build in so many more amenities, that better organization alone will ease the pain.

    If the spaces you have just aren’t big enough, or whether you want to create the dressing room of your dreams, we can help. Layout that cherished possession of shoes, suits, shirts and accessories. See your wardrobe displayed at a glance. Live and dress in the lifestyle you deserve.

    The master dressing rooms, the kids’ closets, or the closets on the main floor that must combine function with design, Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions are your answer. Just think closet renovations Burlington.

    And we have a showroom!

    Whether your home is in Ancaster, Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville, look for our showroom today behind 4104 Fairview Street in Burlington or call 905-631-0912.

  4. How to Design a Closet

    How to design a closet

    Closets – How to design a closet. A closet that is designed well will be an efficient storage system that complements your décor, integrating functionality and style, all the while adding value to your home!

    Your home, clothing and personal items are unique to you and so are your storage needs. Custom designed closets aren’t sold in boxes as a one-size-fits-all solution. They should provide the best elements that reflect your taste and requirements.

    So in order to design the best closet and home organization you really need to understand your needs and maximize the space available.

    For the DIY there are many Closet Home Organization design tools available online or in-store that then allow you to do the installation yourself or a have a professional installer do it for you. You can also find companies that provide free in home custom design and consultation and do the installation as well.

    Custom closet and home organization companies have the experience and software tools to maximize your space but if you’re a DIY we have provided a few tips to help on how to design a closet .

    A good closet storage solution should keep clutter under control and have enough space to store all your needs from clothes and linens to shoes and purses. A custom storage solution should maximize your closet space. A closet does not need to be big in space to store a lot of stuff.

    Optimize as much of your space with hanging items and sort these by length. A consistent length and look will make your space feel neater. To accommodate long coats and dresses, a section of Single Shelf-and-Pole should be included in the design. Because most of the clothes in our closets today are pants and shirts, Double Shelf-and-Pole should predominate in every closet, which doubles the storage space.

    Showing off your wardrobe – everyone has something they want to flaunt. Maybe it’s your finest dresses, shoes or purses or even his tailored shirts. Make these items your focal point. Your not only storing items but you want to customize your space to your tastes and needs. People have a tendency to stay tidy when their favorite items are the focal point of the closet. Limit your enclosed storage in order to simply know what’s where.

    Standardize a consistent approach to your daily needs and tasks. What do I use the most and order of use. Where should things be stored and how? Keep frequently used items at arms length and store your seasonal items higher.  Store clothes and accessories in areas that complement your daily routine. Tastes and styles change so should your closet layout and design.

    Walk In Closet, Corner Curved

    Walk In Closet, Corner Curved

FREE $250!

Two ways to make your new closet or garage more affordable. The first 10 people to visit our showroom will receive a $250 gift card* to be used towards the purchase of $2,000 or more. Or ask about our financing options.

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Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your home storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you.

As homeowners ourselves, we at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions understand the importance of utilizing every inch of your home's square footage. That is why we can help you increase your storage space by more than 20%. We can help you design the best storage solutions for your home and garage.

Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation, Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you. Whether your project involves an entire garage overhaul or a closet, home office, pantry or laundry room we have your home storage solutions.

We offer a complete garage and closet showroom for you to visit, at 4104 Fairview St., Unit 12, in Burlington. Free in-home consultations are offered. We design storage possibilities using our 3-D design software. This allows you to see what your completed storage solution will look like, before placing your order.

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