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  1. Which garage does your baby deserve?

    Pewter Cabinets with Workbench-Car-Straight Shot 2012Look at that beauty, shiny, clean an example of automotive elegance from an era gone by. She’s your pride and joy.

    Doesn’t she deserve a garage like one of these?

    FContur_TGrom epoxy floors to glistening cabinets hanging off the wall high enough to allow for easy floor washing. Countertops that can stand up to falling tools and unadulterated abuse. Look at the wall systems that allow for easy attachment of accessories to store tires, tools, camp and sporting gear and when the season changes, you can easily rearrange all of this to suit your ever changing storage needs.

    Red Cabinets w Stainless Workbench-Blue Ice Floor-Grey Slatwall-Angle- Aug 2013You can add a flat screen, a beverage fridge, heck even an electric fireplace and baby this is home… you and your car, motorcycle and family deserve this kind garage storing luxury.

    Visit our showroom and our design and installation professionals right here in Burlington at 4104 Fairview Street, Unit 11 in behind Designers’ Consortium.

  2. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day… every day

    Something that has become very evident is that the garage is not just the domain of the man. Woman, more than ever, are looking to have their own way in the garage, if for no other reason than to make sure any garage renovation lives up their expectations.

    Let Burlington Closet & Garage turn that chamber of chaos into a haven of organization. Easily mount cabinets on slat wall panels that will allow you to rearrange in an instant. Durable counter tops, tool holders, special storage units for sports gear, bikes, tires and more all hovering over an epoxy floor that meets your every demand.

    Your car deserves this garage. You deserve this garage.

    Visit our showroom at Unit 11, 4104 Fairview Street, Burlington.

  3. Steps to Help Declutter and Get Your Garage Organized

    The garage is the one place where we toss everything that doesn’t have a home! Its one of the messiest areas and a sore point for all you guys out there. Yes you have heard it before. When are you going to clean out that garage!

    Lets look at the steps to help de clutter and get your garage organized.

    Your garage is the place we toss everything that doesn’t have a storage solution in your home so we need to look at your interior home storage space to see if we can minimize items destined for the garage toss. Look at additional storage solutions for your laundry room, pantry, office and closet areas first. Example, why put something in the garage that would be used most often in the laundry room. Move miscellaneous and seasonal items to the garage.

    At Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions we can implement a thoughtful storage solution for organizing all your home storage and space challenges.

    Swing Cabinet Doors

    Swing Cabinet Doors

    Once the in home storage solution has been met we can now look at the garage items. Here is a list of the typical items needing a garage storage solution: Garbage and Recycling, Lawn and Garden items, Automotive and Tool items, Camping and Sporting items, seasonal items and in home overflow.

    We can now look at implementing a thoughtful storage solution and grouping these items together within the garage. Example, you don’t need to keep Seasonal items within arms reach so these type of items are best kept overhead on garage storage racking systems or overhead cabinets. They can also be placed on the top shelf of your tall garage cabinet’s. Daily items should be kept closest to use. If you love to work on the car or have a small tool room then you would design your garage storage around this. Make these items your focal point. Your not only storing items but you want to customize your space to your tastes and needs. People have a tendency to keep the garage tidy when their favourite items are the focal point of the garage.

    With Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions we maximize your storage space and transform your garage into a clean and efficient storage space solution, so you can easily find your belongings when you need them. Check out our Garage Storage and Storage Cabinet pages for more ideas and details.

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Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your home storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you.

As homeowners ourselves, we at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions understand the importance of utilizing every inch of your home's square footage. That is why we can help you increase your storage space by more than 20%. We can help you design the best storage solutions for your home and garage.

Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation, Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you. Whether your project involves an entire garage overhaul or a closet, home office, pantry or laundry room we have your home storage solutions.

We offer a complete garage and closet showroom for you to visit, at 4104 Fairview St., Unit 12, in Burlington. Free in-home consultations are offered. We design storage possibilities using our 3-D design software. This allows you to see what your completed storage solution will look like, before placing your order.

Proudly serving the Burlington, Oakville and Hamilton area.

Which garage does your baby deserve?

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