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  1. Man cave or woman’s den

    Gone are the days when the “man cave” just had to be down in the basement.

    As a matter of fact, times have changed and now it’s either the man cave or the woman’s den. Either way it’s a special place to retreat and it’s not down in the basement, it’s the garage.

    Imagine blending all your hobby collections, your flat screen TV, your personal refreshment bar and maybe even an electric fire place all in the comfort of your garage.

    But wait, this isn’t any garage.

    Using our slat wall system to hang cabinets, brackets for your sports gear, tires, bikes and more all off the ground… now you’re talking organization, cleanliness and comfort all in one spot… yes, even your garage. And that ground I mentioned, which was a cracked and grubby concrete pad, is now a durable, attractive and a non slip epoxy floor.

    Imagine it, dream it, plan it and now visit the professionals at the showroom of Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and make it happen.

  2. Your NEW garage is a Spring thing

    Maple Cabinets-Ebony Star Workbench-Overhead Storage-motorcycle-angle 2012Durable, colourful cabinets and countertops, tool holders of every shape and size, tire, bike and sports racks mounted on adjustable slat wall design, a system that allows you to reconfigure your garage organization in a heart beat. Just add a long lasting epoxy floor, you choose the colour, and bring on the summer.

    Now is the time for your garage renovation, your garage revitalization.

    Empty out that collection of tools, toys and auto junk and let the professionals at Burlington Closet & Garage give you a man cave that every woman would love.

    Organized, simplified and totally affordable. Visit Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions showroom today

  3. Garage Makeover Madness

    Cabinet_2000x2000They drive us crazy.

    We’ve all seen them, heck most of us have had them… garages that are stuffed with everything from snow boards to kids’ bikes, spare tires, lawn mowers, camping gear, a tread mill and who knows what. Maybe in there, you might even find a car all sitting on a garage floor that has cracks from one end to the other.

    A garage makeover, renovation, revolution… call it what you will, but now is the time and the professionals at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions are just the people to give you the garage you’ve always wanted.

    Proslat panels are mounted directly on studs or over wallboard. A number of colours to choose from, but perfect to hang base and wall cabinets, overhead and adjustable tire racks, bike holders and so much more. You can design and change your storage set up any time you want, it’s that easy.

    No more mounds, no more digging, everything is up, organized and so accessible you can even see the floor.

    Speaking of floors, now yours can look like new with high quality epoxy floor coatings. These low-maintenance epoxy floor coatings are resistant to stains, spills and harsh, concrete damaging winter salts

    Choose from an array of colours, textures and finishes and bring style and durability to your garage for years to come.

    Give you and your family the garage you can be proud of, a garage to make your neighbours jealous.

    Visit our showroom at Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions and let your garage makeover, renovation begin.

  4. Man Cave Garage

    Man Cave Garage – Every man and woman needs their own space in the house. One of the best areas for the guy to hide away for a cigar or a beer with friends is a custom designed garage. A Garage By Design.

     man cave: “a room or space designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities!”

    Your Garage does not have to be the dusty, junk collection and forgotten area of the home. Many of today’s garages by design have granite-like floors, cabinets that would be at home in a kitchen, even audio and video for a comfortable and attractive area for the guys to get away.

    Garages offer a way to expand a house’s living area and storage space without new construction. A recent report by the Freedonia Group, a business research company indicated that the home storage and organization market will total about $9 billion in 2015, with about $2 billion of that being products purchased for the garage, which is the fastest-growing segment!

    Meanwhile, a recent survey by ServiceMagic, a home-improvement website, found that 53 per cent of American homes now have a man cave, up from 40 per cent a couple of years earlier.

    Garage uses historically ranged from the basic storage to car enthusiasts but many of the Garage By design man caves now typically have refrigerators, a sitting or standing area, audio systems, wide screen TVs and hobby center/workshop’s.


    The first priority for a man cave garage is the flooring. Concrete flooring collects dirt and dust and constantly wears down creating an endless supply of dust. We recommend a granite counter top look with a high quality epoxy floor coating with flakes. A low-maintenance epoxy flooring is resistant to stains, and spills — all with a high-gloss non slip shine. With an install time of only two days, class-leading materials and polished good-looks, epoxy flooring coatings will bring style and durability to your garage for years to come.

    Man Cave (2)

    With your epoxy flooring in place you now you can turn your garage into a better organized space with multiple garage storage solutions to choose from giving  you the space for your focus items in the man cave.

    The garage will always be a place of solitude where men can get away to think and create.

  5. Rejuvenated Garage Floor

    The use of epoxy floor coating is one of the most sought after applications to enhance the life of your garage floor. The garage is no longer solely used for the purpose of parking the family vehicles but has evolved into different functions catering to home business needs, home storage, and arts and sporting activities.

    For a Garage floor that was more than 25 years old, the residents had a number of quotes on removing and replacing the aged and damaged garage floor. It was decided that the old floor could be rejuvenated with an epoxy flooring application.

    Below is a before photo of a 25+ year old garage floor which had many cracks and spalling due to sand and salt exposure over the years. The residents had a number of quotes to remove the old flooring foundation but the solution was to go with an Epoxy Floor and Rejuvenate the floor rather than spending thousands more on removing and replacing the existing garage floor.




    This is an after photo of the Garage Floor having used the Epoxy Flooring with the Scottsdale chips. The floor was prepped using the flooring grinders to ensure the epoxy bonds with the concrete. After grinding, the cracks are sealed and an overlay is applied to fill in any deep pockets, then the base coat and chip selection are applied. Finally any excess chips are scraped off and the clear top coat is applied. In the end a great finished product that saved thousands of dollars vs. a garage pad replacement.



  6. Epoxy Floor a “Green” Solution

    Epoxy Flooring, Eighth Inch

    Epoxy Flooring, Eighth Inch

    Epoxy floor coatings are increasing in popularity for home owners as a durable and attractive way to protect both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Creating showroom quality surfaces that are low-maintenance and resistant to stains, spills and harsh, concrete damaging winter sands and salts. Floors with an epoxy floor coating create an easy to clean surface that can be wiped without the use of harsh chemicals that make their way into our water systems. What many homeowners may not know is that epoxy floors are also a “green” building material, offering many environmental benefits over competing products.

    Many epoxy flooring systems meet the LEED standards for low VOC emissions, making them safe for indoor use without the danger of toxic gasses that cause poor indoor air quality. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s an internationally recognized voluntary certification system that ensures independent, third party verification of sustainable building practices.

    In our next Blog, we will show you how applying an epoxy floor coating to a 25 year old garage floor will prolong its use and is a “green” solution to tearing up the old concrete and replacing it with a new floor, saving the materials that would have been sent to the landfill.

    With Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions we maximize your storage space and transform your home and garage into a clean and efficient storage space solution, so you can easily find your belongings when you need them.

    Check out our Epoxy Flooring page for more ideas and details.

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Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions specialists are here to assist with your storage solution. Specializing in custom design and installation, Burlington Closet & Garage Solutions provides our products directly to you. Whether your project involves an entire garage overhaul or a closet, home office, pantry or laundry room we have your home storage solutions.

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